EDD, Roxy, Flip Turns, The Book and Finish Something

I have been rather lackadaisical in my blogging the last two months.  It’s been a bit of a mixed bag.

There is the continued priority of looking for full-time work while fighting with the EDD regarding my unemployment benefits.  It appears that if you inform that EDD that you were away for a week, they want to know a) when, b) where? Were you out of the country?, c) why, d) did you look for work while you were gone, e) if you got work while you were away would you have come back?

For the love of God people, I have looked for work every week for the last 7 months.  Yes,  SEVEN MONTHS.  In my entire career, I have never been unemployed for longer than a two month period and that was ONCE back in 2000 after a corporate turnover.  But, I digress.  It appears the EDD now fully understands that I am committed to coming back to the working world and so my unemployment checks that fail to cover my monthly rent now continue to come in at their usual slow steady trickle.  Thank you for serving the people of California!

I also got on a sewing whim — working on a baby quilt for a first time Glamma’s grand daughter.  This has been a big venture as sewing connects me to my mama.  I took another quilting class and have spent the last two weeks practicing an average of one hour per day how to literally quilt my quilt tops.  This includes free hand sewing, cursive, stencils, learning how to sew backwards, forwards, diagonally, up and down and being able to recognize what it is you stitched when you are finished.  I think yesterday I got to a B average on my latest efforts.

My mama is with me every time I open her sewing box up.  She surprised me yesterday when I was scrounging through all of our combined sewing goods looking for my sewing machine manual.  I found several of her head scarfs that she wore when her hair fell out after her chemotherapy.  As I dug through the several scarves in the large Ziploc bag, I came across Roxy.  I’m not sure if it was Roxy #1, 2 or 3, but Roxy was the name of my mama’s wig.  Roxy is a bit worn looking these days having been in a bag for the last 3+ years, a bit like an aged dirty blonde tribble, but she brought me a few laughs as I looked up to the skys and whispered a simple thank you to my mama for her unexpected gift down memory lane.  (p.s., mama, aaron has announced that he wants me to re-sew his patches on his boy scout uniform so that they look like Ander’s uniform.   Thanks for that…..no, really.)

I’ve continued my quest to continue to try and lose the same 20 pounds that has plagued me for the last 18 months.  I’m making progress — down 6 pounds since January.  Interval training seems to be where its at and I am back in the pool and have mastered the flip turn which takes an unbelievable amount of lung power.  A special shout out to my 15 year old Lacrosse player for going to the gym with me and working out together.  I need to get my game on if I’m going to spot him lifting more than I can spot…..

Then I came across a couple of sayings the last week via social media.  One had to do with not quitting after 4 months of doing something and not seeing progress.  This one struck a cord.  I spent about 4 months over the summer/fall getting my book formatted in proper content as dictated by the general rules of submission guidelines only to have it returned with “thanks, we aren’t interested, but don’t take our word for it, we are just multi-million dollar publishing companies and someone out there may like your work better than we do. What do we know!“  The last response came just after the first of 2016.  Happy New Year!   Then I came across the 29 ways to stay creative.  This also took hold of me.

So for the last week, I am back to my book, changing the style of the layout and the way the story is told.  Strangely enough, this is a good thing.  Every time I look at my work I find ways to improve the story, the ability to add details that previously were not there, something triggers another forgotten memory, a small, a sound, a vision.  Most recently – an actual TITLE!  Like my quilting, don’t give up; practice practice practice; allow yourself to make mistakes; go somewhere new; WRITE IT DOWN and lastly, fucking finish something.

So, now my days are compartmentalized.  My writing, my sewing, my job search, my health, daily life and most certainly time with my John and my kids (as their fickle and last minute schedules allow).

A big shout out to that I am now calling my “posse” who check in with me, calm my nerves and keep me from climbing the walls every time the telephone rings and I jump thinking, “Is this THE call that is going to tell me I am viably employed?”

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