A short and sweet blog for this beautiful Monday morning.

For the last five years I’ve gotten into the habit of having a word of the year.  It started with my mama when she got hooked on the word “excellent”.  This 60+ year old woman hooked on a bohemian hippie term from surfer dudes, in which we would reply in unison, “gnarly, dude”.

The following year was dubbed “God is good”.  After hearing the story of an acquaintance describe their woes of being a farmer – how people just don’t understand the hard work, the toil.  The bumper crop that followed.  God is Good.  I’m sure God had a lot to do with that bumper crop of illegally grown ganja.  Praise, Jesus.

Moving on to “yup yup, you betcha”.  A phrase that I apparently utter in the middle of the night when asked “am I ok?”.  Yup, Yup.  You betcha.

The word for 2015 was reneged.  Typically a strong word used to describe going back on ones promise or agreement.  Like when my step dad reneged on a $100,000 promise he made to my mama in 2012.  Sorry if I sound bitter.  This time it was actually used by my own dad to describe the grandchildren not playing cribbage with him at Thanksgiving.  The latter being a bit dramatic of a description but comical in its delivery.

This year I think we are going with “Would it help?” from Bridge of Spies.  This seems to be fitting in a year that I have been seeking employment for six months.  Should I be freaking out?  The response (in unison) “Would it help?”

Here’s to the upcoming New Year and a smashing new job that I will land, love and embrace – Yup Yup, you betcha!

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