What does a vulva and a flip turn have in common?

If you’ve never been to Z Space, you should go.  Z Space has been around for over 20 years and provides a small theater venue for artists and their audiences of all ages.  The theater has received numerous awards throughout the year, including voted best performance in 2012 by the San Francisco Bay Area Guardian.   Those living in San Francisco might be very familiar with Z Space, but this Livermore girl had never been.  If you didn’t get the opportunity and it happens to come up again, I highly recommend the performance I attended at Z Space in November with two talented Bay Area individuals.

Kelly Corrigan is a local jewel who came to the Bay Area from the East Coast.  She is the best-selling author of The Middle Place and Glitter and Glue.  A good friend turned me on to her writing this summer as I was working diligently on pounding out my own memoir.  “You will love her,” my friend said.  Love her I did.  So much so that I reached out to her directly and this very lovely best-selling author responded back personally and even pimped out some of my own work to her own editor.  She then pimped out her own by giving me a heads up on the upcoming Z Space performance.   She’s a smart gal.  I was immediately envious of her and like others who have posted on her Facebook page, I wanted to be her friend.

Matt Nathanson is also a local from the East Coast.  He’s been producing his music now for over a decade with hit singles, “Come on Get Higher” and “All We Are” .  I have followed his music for several years.  I am acquainted with Billie Joe Armstrong’s (another Bay Area local) sister and she summed him up perfectly, “He’s really nice and really hunky.” An evening with two of my favorite Bay Area artists – I’m in.

Z Space is a hip environment. It is well designed in an urban open warehouse environment that gives off a nice ambience – the design was well thought out.  Parking was easy and the performance treated us to free noshing and alcoholic beverages in the open lobby.  The crowd was mostly women, 30s-40s, but my guy was happy to there and the other male attendees looked to be having a great time.  The lights flickered indicating the start of the show.  We entered into the theater, very cozy, intimate….with beverages being permitted.

My curiosity was peaked.  What does a good looking 30 something year old musician rocking slouch jeans and a man bun (he wore both well) have in common with a 40 something year old pretty, with glasses, author of a woman’s memoir?  It turns out they have quite a bit in common.

The easy answer is they are both artists.  As they began their evening duo, the first hour was spent sharing conversation between each other about life.  Kelly and Matt are both married, they both have children (girls), they both have insecurities about being artists – Will people like my work?  Will they buy my work?  Will they continue to buy my work?  They’re profound shared love of the word, “F*&k”.

Matt’s openly candid conversation about marriage and children.  A humble, caring rocker sharing his own vulnerabilities of setting down roots with his wife and daughter followed by a brief discussion of his daughter’s fascination with her vulva.  Kelly asking the question, “what are you good at or what would you like to improve on?”  Matt’s answer – he’d like to be a better guitar player, more finessed versus just jamming something out on his strings.  Kelly responding with, “Tell me more.”  Kelly has mastered the flip-turn and she’s proud that she’s getting really good at it.  She’s a swimmer – I’m a swimmer.  I knew we should be friends.  The evening flowed in song, words, laughter and a few bittersweet tears.

I have attended theater events in San Francisco throughout the years in both small settings such as Cutting Ball to sell out performances at the Orpheum Theater.  I am not proud to state that I nodded off during Phantom of the Opera — I am not a late night person.   Yet, here I am on a Tuesday night (a school night) over one hour from my bed riveted by these two simply talented individuals.  I tweeted on the way home, “The best show I have never slept through!” and I meant it.  Those who know me know this is a HUGE (imagine Trump “UUUUUGGGEEEEE” compliment.)   Kelly and Matt – Thanks for a great evening.

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