I really believed that my life could not get more comical in the year of 2012. A move, my mom, the separation, my son deployed through the whole series of events, dating after 23 years, match.com…..leave it to Anders to push the envelope to give us the laugh of the decade.

Anders (at the time a junior in high school) decided he wanted to try out for the school play/musical. His very first play was Hairspray in which he played ensemble (background dancer). Unbeknown to his family, he also played the role of a streaker in the first act of the production. We learned halfway through the run of the performance that Anders was surprising his cast members with a variety of levels of undress during his streaks. We, being the audience, saw him fly across the stage in an open trench coat with his back facing us. The cast was his true audience, never knowing what Anders would be wearing under the trench coat. The afternoon of his last performance I spent some time picking out a card letting him know how proud I was of him and bought him a small item to remember his performance by. I wrapped his gift in manly wrapping paper of bold dark stripes and left it on his bed. Anders surprised his cast that night in his final streak across the stage donning nothing but his open trench coat, a brief pair of skivvies and his present, a brand new black negligee.

He went on to play a grumpy donkey in Animal Farm. He donned my cocktail dress in a match off with his girlfriend in their rendition of The Hollow Men – Film Noir Train that left us gasping for air with tears down our cheeks. The timing of his next performance no one could have predicted.

It is Mothers’ Day weekend, May, 2013. Roger and I have been separated for a little over 7 months. I am in a new relationship (John), and Roger is in a new relationship (Ken). Roger purchased tickets for the mothers’ day matinee for his parents, aunts/uncles of Anders, his brothers. It was a Ravenstad All Play. John and I attended with our friends, Eric and Tina. The Ravenstad clan sat directly behind us—all 10 of them. I had not seen Roger’s parents since prior to Christmas and they had never met John. I had barely met Ken. I was uncomfortable, but was not going to miss the mothers ‘day production. After all, I WAS his mother!

The musical was Legally Blonde. Anders played the role of Professor Callahan. As most musicals do, the scenes continue to build momentum and the songs got better, stronger and played out the story. We did know that his song was coming, but no one could have prepared any of us, or over 100 of our mutual friends that sat in the audience for Ander’s rendition of “Is he gay of European”.

While this performance was epic in its own display and timing, Anders went on to surprise us all with his further performances of Lord Farquaad, in which he played the entire performance on his knees, with puppet legs, as a short over-compensating narcissist suitor to Fiona in Shrek, followed by a lead role in Spring Awakening (or has it has been alternatively nicknamed as Spring Masturbation) and ending with his most recent performance as the Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret in which he played the role of the flamboyant gay MC spinning the sexual menageries of the Kit Kat Club while insinuating copulation with a gorilla.

Another reminder in life that, no matter the circumstance, the show must go on!

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